Our Journey
Hi, I’m a teacher at Nantyglo Comprehensive School in Wales. I took a group of students to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in February 2007 together with my colleagues Bethan Mackay, Matthew Gregory and Emma Griffiths. This website is a document of our journey.
I went to Auschwitz with Kitty Hart, a survivor, ten years ago. We were climbing the central tower at Birkenau, under which the trains passed on arrival. Kitty said that ‘they’d be turning in their graves if they saw me here now!’ This dose of courage and humour really inspired me.
It was October and I was complaining about the cold. Kitty made a comment about imagining what it would it have been like in the camp. That day I decided I wanted to take children on this life-changing trip.
My hope is that these children will remember this trip long after their exams. It is a chance to help fight intolerance and build understanding. It will not be easy but I have faith in them. They are good people who want to learn and try and carry the message to generations to come. It’s one way of building bridges and one of our best hopes for the future.
Damien Lane
I would like to add my support to the students for what I feel will be an excellent opportunity and a hugely important experience for all those involved. I also congratulate you on tackling such important subjects as the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide; it is so important that we ensure that young people are aware of such issues.
Glenys Kinnock MEP
A warm welcome from Nantyglo